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100% unprocessed Raw Hair (NO chemical treatments, NO color). Raw extensions perform best when left in their natural state. Our Raw extensions can easily be colored or bleached although altering extensions with the use of chemicals may shorten the lifespan of your extensions.  Each bundle is unique, color and patterns will vary. Bundles are color 1b or 2 and can vary with each shipment. All cuticles are intact and aligned, which eliminates tangling and shedding. Double drawn to give fullness from the tip to the ends. A full head of weft extensions typically requires 2-3 bundles.


NOTE: These extensions should be always be installed and maintained by a licensed and trained professional. For the best results, shampoo and condition extensions with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner prior to installing and hang to dry. Excess hair will shed during the initial shampoo and blowdry. These are strands left over from the production process and will subside after initial shampoo and blowdry. ALL ORDERS HAVE A PROCESSING TIME OF 2-5 BUSINESS DAYS PLUS SHIPPING with the exception of holidays.


*If we are sold out of the desired length, we may send a longer length.* 

Raw Curly Double Weft Extensions

Expected to ship within 4 weeks
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